Used Cars Under $500

Used Cars Under 500 DollarsThis is a list of live auctions and sales for cheap used cars under 500 dollars. Please feel free to browse the listing and bid for the car you like. The main purpose is to help you find cheap car, buy cheap car and help you buy used cars online.

Because the price is lowest possible for any cheap used car, please take extra cautions before buying. After you buy one please come back here and leave some testimonials, we will thank you for that.
Let us help you find the best cars under $500
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All listings on this page are cheap used trucks, SUVs, vans, and cars under 500 dollars with NO RESERVE, current selling prices are $500 or less.

Before you do anything, here are some tips for buying a used car online that you should know.

If you are not familiar with online shopping, you should know that buyers can leave feedbacks to the sellers’ accounts and they can also rate the sellers based on different criterions such as good communication, accurate description of the item, fast shipping, and so on. You should search for this in the seller’s account if you want to buy a car online. Of course, you have to choose those with 100 % positive feedbacks and high ratings.

Learn more about the used car. Look at the pictures closely and read the description carefully. If you still have some questions about the car for sale, you can always ask the seller. You can send a message to the seller asking for more pictures and details about the car.

Choose a seller who is located just around your vicinity. You have to consider this so that it will not be difficult when you have to test drive the car. Just imagine if you live in California and the seller lives in New York. Instead of saving money by buying a car online, you will need to spend money on an expensive plane ticket. And you are not even sure yet if you will really buy the car or not.

In relation to the previous tip, do not commit to anything until you have driven the car yourself. There are some problems or damages such as noisy rattles or clanging that cannot be observed or seen just by looking at pictures.

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  1. I am 19 and in school and I need my own transportation to get me and my daughter where we need to go. My pricerange is $500-$700 contact me at 6626331273 or if you’re willing to help.

    • Hey my name is brittany clark. Are you saleing a car because my income is 710 and I need a car real bad im tierd of walking please call mg cell its 8708268040

  2. i am in desperat need of good reliable transportation i am about to have a new born baby girl in april and i am looking for a 4 clyender 4 door automatic car with good gas milage i have to find something asap like this week asap because i have to enroll for college i have baby docter appointments and i just need something now my price is $300 and i have cash only please email me back as soon as possible if any one has something

  3. Hi my name is malissa and im in need of a car to get around to doctor visit and to take my son who has neeb haven heart peoblem back and forth to the doctor. please help me get a car my number 7708962136

  4. Hi, my name is Pam I am a single mother of 3. I can not find a good job without reliable transportation and I really would like to go to school and get a degree. If there is anyone out there who can help my pricerange is between 100 to 1000 dollars. Thank you for time.

  5. i’m in a deep bind with needing a car because walking isn’t working especially when your in school working 2 jobs, but i would like to find a car for 500-100. Need help as soon as possible please. Call at 678-464-9233

  6. Betty Sepeda says:

    I am a single mother of two. My younger child has austism and adhd. My ex stopped paying child support saying he gave me enough for the last 8 years that it should last me forever. $300.00 a month and he stopped paying in April. I have no money but am in need of a car to have any chance in getting work. I don’t want to be one of those parents forcec on walfare. If anyone has a vehicle sitting around that works that they don’t want or need . Good blessings will come your way. Email me

  7. im in need of a car between $200-$500. dont wanna depend on people anymore on taking me to work and back… it would really help me if you can help me find a car.. thanks

  8. looking for anice volkswagon beetle for about 500dolars located in camden nj

  9. Three County Volkswagen says:


    Three County Volkswagen
    701 Riverside Ave
    Lyndhurst, NJ 07071

    Call for details – 201-933-8383

    Proudly selling VW’s in NJ, NY, and Nationwide for over 45 years!

  10. Michael diaz says:

    I need a car I have 500 dollars to spend I have 7 kids and I wife that can walk so if anyone has a car please contact me it will really be used and it will help my family a number is 201/230/1906

  11. Guffey123 says:

    Being a teen it’s hard not having a car to go out and drive to school. I hate depending on my parents and friends for rides. I really need a car, I do have cash and willing to pay it. Contact me 314-662-2822

  12. Roxanne Clark says:

    Roxanne here. Next month I get paid for being in College. I get $2500 the second week of July. I’m looking for a 4 door car for me and my kids. I’m looking to spend $500 to $1500 for a car. Can somebody please help. 4348261682 Thanks.

  13. I am trying to trade a 1991 four door Cadillac deville. Good condition. I will trade for another car in good condition or sell for 2000 which will go towards my next car.

  14. joshua g says:

    hey I need a car for 500 so I can get out of using my dads car (307) 343 2532 – I live in Laramie Wyoming

  15. I’m in desperate need of a reliable car. I’m a single mom of a 10mos old baby girl. we’ve been bouncing from couch to couch because we just lost our home. i have no way of getting to work and my daughter to her babysitters house half the time because i can’t find a ride. my car just blew on me and with not being able to find a way to work half the time i can’t save any money to get an apt for my daughter and i. someone pleasehelp me with a vehicle. i can pay $300 cash. I’m in downtown Sacramento… please……

  16. Hi, i need a durable used car to buy at $500.00 US dollars please tell me how much it cost to be shipped to Liberia


  17. I’m in desperate need of a car. The engine in the car my girlfriend and I were using is shot, and fixing it will cost more than it’s worth. It was our only mode of transportation, making it extremely difficult for us to get to work and do other tasks like food shopping. If there are any cars between the $500 to $700 price range, please contact me at 856-883-1231. Also forget to mention I live in NJ.

  18. I am a single parent of a special needs child who is desperate to find a car in the price range y $25.00 to$200.00. This would be a cash deal if the price is right. The car may must be auto

  19. i dont really need a car but i want one more than these people my price range is 0-$1000 im in high school i need transportation to and from school and work plus cars get women, and i need women.

    • youre a d1ck says:

      dude how can you say you need a car more than these other people you have no clue what kind of situation they are in. you are a pathetic desperate little man

      P.S. GET A LIFE

  20. Chelsea says:

    I am 17 and I Really need a car to get back and forth to work and school if u can please help me out I need a car under $ 700 please some ideas are Honda Accord, Honda Civic, Grand Prix. If you get any info please call me at 832-726-4268 or you can email me at thank you!!

  21. Latoya Boyd says:

    I’m looking for a used cars for like 400 dollars Honda, impala, maxima, mustang, Buick or any old skools just a nice cars maybe even a van. Please call me if u have a car or a van in my price range 225-205-9308.

  22. i nedd i car from $500 – 700 please contact me

  23. looking for a vehicle for 500.00 have a big family can’t depend on people to take us around need the vehicle soon one that is in good working condition email me at

  24. My is Justin in i moveing out of my moms and i will give you1500 for it

  25. Hi my name is zama I have found a car which is 1992 model Honda and I would like to know whether it in a good condition but I would like to test drive and I love the car. I live in buffalo Wyoming

  26. Hi my name is zama and I know what car I’m looking for it is1992 model Honda and I would like to know if I can drive test and see whether it great , I love the car and if it is in a good condition I will buy right away so guys I live in Buffalo Wymoing 82834

  27. william allgood says:

    im 18 and in serious need of a vehicle, come the 1st of september which is just 15 days from now i will have $1200 to spend on a car or truck. i am still in school and i am pretty much having to take care of myself since my dad is out of state during the week and only home on the weekends. please i really need some help. i need something that can atleast get me from point A to point B. i dont care about a bad paint job but i would prefer somthing that has a pretty straight body. contact me with offers at 5o1 3o3 9576 please send pictures and asking price. i live in central arkansas.

  28. Hi, i am a college student living far from school with my family,i’d like to get a very cheap carASAP,because am getting late for takes me 1hr with a bus ,but 12 minutes by car.please assist 7142034824

  29. taylor ryon says:

    im 19 my parents passed i need a car bad im sleeping outside and walk everyday to work and the library for school i live in tulsa ok. 500$ is what ive come up with ty plz email me

  30. Cavion Parchman says:

    Hello My Name Is Cavion Parchman And I willing To Spend 500 Dollars Cash purchasing a Truck ,Car , Or Mini Van.

  31. Cavion Parchman says:

    I HavHello My Name Is Cavion Parchman And I willing To Spend 500 Dollars Cash purchasing a Truck ,Car , Or Mini Van. I Have 500 Dollars

  32. I will look here first for a classic vehicle.

  33. Good day! Would you mind if I share your blog with my facebook group?
    There’s a lot of folks that I think would really enjoy your
    content. Please let me know. Thank you

  34. I’m n need of a car like real bad I have cash in hand rite now I have two kids and I’m tryin to do everything on my own 3-400 rite now please help me out





  36. Looking for a mini van under 500 i have a disabled son and needing something by the first of April please let know what you have and clean title please and thank you so very much

  37. krystal collins says:


  38. jonathan says:

    I do have a Lincoln navigator year 2000 has everything but needs work I lost my job when they sold I have 6 kids don’t make much with unemployment but need a car for my kids to get to school the doctors and for job searching I’m deep in the hole I can pay very little a week and have stuff to trade if anyone can help I’ll be far more than greatful text me at 702-465-1047 thank you so much

  39. jessica says:

    I really need a car not a lot of money, email me.

  40. jimmy coates says:

    500 cavalier

  41. Thanks for ones marvelous posting! I truly enjoyed reading it, you are a great author.I will remember to bookmark your blog
    and will come back at some point. I want to encourage
    continue your great work, have a nice weekend!

  42. Sarah Rodriguez says:


  43. I’m interested in buying your car because my car just broke down I need to get another transportation for my daughter so I could bring them to school

  44. I need a good used car for under 500dallars

  45. Does leaving a comment works? I’m also looking for a car for $500. I stay in north carolina. I’ve been looking everywhere for a car for $500 and it is hard. My email is

  46. hi im a 22 year old single mother of two children a 5 year old and a 3 month old i need transportation to get them around doctor apointment and to look for a job im desperate for a four door good on gas car thants ok running and has a good title atleast passes smog please let me know if u hav anything my number is 6613715466 i have 400 dlls on me thanks

  47. Brandyn says:

    Hello I am looking for a car under $500 I will take anything that has an engine and transmission. I need a car for school I will put the time and money to fix it up in a little. I need a car soon

  48. Johnathan Johnson says:

    Hi im 17 in still in school and looking for a car for my senior year because imma have to go to a lot of places for important things and i dont feel like looking for a ride when i need it i live in tangipahoa parish so my price range is $500-$800 please contact me if u have some info 337-249-0198

  49. Need a car today cash available

  50. Hello my name is Iris,
    I’m in search of a good car. I’m on a fixed income so can only afford 500$ to spend been on foot for 7-8yrs now, my kids & mself are tired of walking. My kids & I have docs appts to got to..we are really tired of getting wet when raining, cold & hot. If anyone knows of a good car please contact me @ 713-657-0180 thank you & God Bless

  51. Hello my name is Iris,
    I’m in search of a good car for my kids & I were tired of walking & taking bus live in Baytown area. My kids & I have docs appts & other school functions to go to. Have been walking for a good while I didn’t knw about this site until now. I do have severe back issues. If anyone knows of anyone selling a car for 500$ please contact me o live in Baytown Tx. My # 713-657-0180 please give me a call, text or email.
    Thank you God Bless

  52. Cavion Parchman says:

    I Have 500 Dollars


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