Used Cars Under 2500 Dollars

Used  Cars Under 2500 Dollars

Bellow is a list of live auctions and cheap cars for sale under 2500 dollars. Please feel free to browse the listing to find cheap used cars and buy cheap car.

The cars under $2500 is a very low price for any car. You will need to choose carefully and read more tips before you bid.

Cheap Used Cars Under 2500 dollars

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  1. bettertoys says

    Check your local classifieds to find a car for less than $2,500 in Tulsa, OK. You can also shop around at dealerships, they normally have pre-owned cars.

  2. Colin says

    Whats the best car for under 2500 dollars?
    I know plenty enough about cars, I just need other options besides Honda civic, I’d take it if I had to. No Toyota. That’s trash.

  3. Michael Stoltz says

    it depends on what you want it for. to go fast or to save money. you can afford a decent fox body mustang, a trans am, later camaro’s. if you like tuners you can get a good 99 Mitsubishi eclipse, 3000 gt, a dodge neon SRT4. and still get good fuel efficiency. but keep in mind, building a tuner costs a lot of money, starting with a v8 mustang or something like that will be easier on your wallet. but it depends on what you like and what you want to do.


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